EIMSKIP VIETNAM - EIMSKIP VIETNAM CO., LTD | Head office: 96 Cao Thang, Ward 4, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City | Tax code: 0305287438 | Hotline: 091-922 6984 - 028 6264 63 80 | Email: long@eimskip.vn - info@eimskip.vn

FCL Shipping
FCL Shipping
With over 100 years of shipping experience, we provide the most professional refrigerated and dry freight services.
LCL Consolidation
LCL Consolidation
We offer weekly shipping routes to Rotterdam and Aarhus suitable for small volumes of goods.
A convenient location as the Southern regional distribution center, we offer market-leading warehouse solutions.
customs clearance
customs clearance
Anytime you are looking for a safe import and export clearance service, our experts will help you.

About us

Cool choice in logistics
Global Network

Established in 1914 in Iceland with the mission to bring the best 3PLs to customers. We provide container and reefer liner services with connections to international markets and specialize in worldwide freight forwarding services.

Speaking numbers from Eimskip:

  • 20 countries
  • 17 Vessels
  • 31 Warehouses and 14 Cold storages
  • 1619 employees
  • Leading 3PLs Service

    Eimskip provides a good logistics solution including freight forwarder, warehousing and transportation, customs clearance and can be customized according to customer needs, helping you:

  • Minimize resource investment costs

  • Handle issues in the international market for you: handling documents, customs, taxes and other issues.

  • Easy to test in many different markets.

  • Discount policy, discount for customers who have regular import demand.

  • Risk reduction: With the application of technology in the management of transportation, and warehousing, ... we bring professionalism to help customers easily control the condition of goods.

  • Core values


  • We make things simple for our customers - That's how we achieve our goal.


  • We provide the best solutions and services in the market. We do it through cooperation.


  • Responsibility - we’re caring. We work for a better society, preserve and protect the environment and strive to be a role model when it comes to responsibility and trust.
  • Achieving - we connect the world. We make the trip safe, we provide excellent service – and we have been doing it for 110 years.

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    Talking Numbers

    Overview through the numbers

    Leading in logistics

    Eimskip provides reliable transportation with the needs of its customers at the forefront.

    Office Network (56 offices)
    Country (20 countries)
    Employee (1705 Employees)
    Vessel (15 vessels)


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