Order Fulfillment Service in Vietnam

The Order Fulfillment Service at Eimskip, with its strengths in pricing and flexibility in meeting customer needs, stands out with invested equipment in the warehouse and the operation of modern software, has made the Fulfillment Service at Eimskip Vietnam strong in the market.

  • Warehouse storage, inventory management
  • Custom packaging with a capacity of 3,000 orders per day
  • Quick process within 1 hour and 30 minutes




Difficulties Businesses When Doing Business Online

Your business is doing online business and encountering the following difficulties

Inefficient inventory management

High costs incurred in operating the order completion process

Mistakes in order processing

Difficulty focusing on product development


Industries commonly using Fulfillment services

Advantages of Fulfillment services at Eimskip

• Personalization of customer information

• Consultation for the most cost-effective solution

• Strategic warehouse location: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, …

• Over 10 years of experience in warehouse management


Fulfillment Services at Eimskip

• Unloading of goods

• Warehousing

• Order processing (Auxiliary team printing and sticking, Barcode labeling, …)

• Goods Transportation

• Handling of returned goods





Operation process of Fulfillment service

Operation process of Fulfillment service

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