5 Solutions to reduce warehouse rental costs during the recession

Võ Thanh Trúc - 05/06/2023

During the difficult economic times, cutting warehouse rental costs is one of the necessary measures that businesses need to take. Among them, warehouse rental costs are one of the major expenses in the production and business activities of enterprises. Therefore, to save costs, businesses need to find effective solutions to reduce costs when renting warehouses.

5 Solutions to reduce warehouse rental costs during the recession

Some solutions to reduce warehouse rental costs that businesses can apply are as follows:

1. Renting warehouses in industrial parks 

Industrial parks are places where many warehouses and businesses are concentrated. Renting warehouses in industrial parks will help businesses save rental costs because the rental price of warehouses in industrial parks is usually lower than in other areas.

2. Renting warehouses according to usage needs

 Instead of renting a large warehouse for long-term use, businesses can rent warehouses according to usage needs. This will help businesses save rental costs because they only have to pay when using the warehouse.

3. Sharing warehouses

Businesses can share warehouses with each other to save rental costs. Sharing warehouses helps businesses share rental costs and other expenses such as warehouse transportation and protection.

4. Using third-party warehouse and transportation services

Instead of renting warehouses and transporting goods themselves, businesses can use third-party warehouse and transportation services. This helps businesses save rental costs and transportation costs.

5. Using temporary warehouses

When there is a need to store goods for a short period, businesses can use temporary warehouses. These are small warehouses that can be rented for a short period and have lower rental prices than large warehouses.

Above are some solutions to help businesses reduce warehouse rental costs during the difficult economic times. Businesses should research and apply these solutions to save costs and improve production and business efficiency.

Eimskip - Cost-saving Shared Warehouse Rental Service

Eimskip's shared warehouse rental service is an economical and effective solution for storing goods. Customers can rent shared warehouses to store their goods at Eimskip's facility at a lower cost than renting a private warehouse.

Why choose DC01 - Eimskip Warehouse 

The prime location is a special feature of DC01 warehouse, located in VSIP 1 Industrial Park, Binh Duong. From here, customers' goods can be easily transported to Tan Son Nhat Airport, Thu Dau Mot City, Bien Hoa City, and Cat Lai Port, ...  

24/7 online inventory control and management

Monthly warehouse rental to save costs

Convenient location for easy goods transportation

Flexible pricing for each location and type of goods, significant cost savings


Monitoring and checking of goods through modern software systems


Related services such as loading and transportation are supported at the best price

This helps reduce transportation and storage costs, while minimizing the risk of worrying about managing and protecting goods in the warehouse. Eimskip also provides related services for warehouse and distribution services, including packaging, boxing, and shipping goods to different destinations. With Eimskip's shared warehouse rental service, customers can save costs and optimize their goods transportation and storage processes.

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