Certificate of Origin (C/O) Fee in 2023

Võ Thanh Trúc - 29/08/2023

Starting from July 21, 2023, the fee for issuing a Certificate of Origin (C/O) for goods is 60,000 Vietnamese Dong per set.

C/O issuance organizations under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) will apply the C/O issuance fee starting from July 21, 2023, as follows:

C/O Issuance Fee

For the issuance of a Certificate of Origin (C/O): 60,000 Vietnamese Dong per set.

For reissuance of a Certificate of Origin (C/O): 30,000 Vietnamese Dong per set.

Payment Timing for C/O Issuance Fee

The C/O issuance organization should pay the fee when submitting the application for C/O issuance.


In cases where the application for C/O issuance has already been submitted and the fee paid, but the application needs to be revised or supplemented with information, documents, the revised and completed application (with the original reference number) will be accepted again without requiring an additional fee.

The C/O fee once paid will not be refunded, even if the exported goods do not meet the origin rules after approval or if the enterprise no longer needs to request C/O issuance after the fee has been paid.

Certificate of Origin  (C/O) Fee in 2023

Payment Methods for C/O Issuance Fee

Pay the fee into the dedicated fee collection account of VCCI at a credit institution; or:

Pay the fee in cash at the C/O issuance organizations of VCCI.

To prepare for the fee-charging C/O issuance activities of VCCI, the COMIS software system will temporarily suspend operations from 20:00 on July 20, 2023, to 06:00 on July 21, 2023, for upgrading. All applications for C/O issuance in the states of acceptance, verification, approval (not yet permitted) after July 21, 2023, will automatically switch to the status of "Electronically signed, pending fee payment."

For the issuance of Certificates and confirmation of Commercial Documents, the issuance/confirmation process and fees remain unchanged.

C/O issuance fees are paid according to the regulations of Circular No. 74/2022/TT-BTC

Payment is made through non-cash methods into the designated fee collection account, fee rate of the fee collection organization, and fee rate opened at a credit institution.

Payment is made into the fee awaiting payment account of the fee collection organization opened at the State Treasury.

Fees and charges are paid through the account of a different receiving agency or organization from the fee collection organization, fee collection (applicable to administrative procedures, online public services).

Payment is made in cash to the fee collection organization

By the 5th of each month at the latest, the fee collection organization should transfer the entire amount of fees collected in the previous month, interest earned on the balance of the dedicated fee collection account at the credit institution (if any), to the fee awaiting payment account of the Ministry of Industry and Trade at the State Treasury.

Circular No. 74/2022/TT-BTC

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