E-commerce Warehouse and Affordable Fulfillment Services

Võ Thanh Trúc - 05/01/2024

Under the change to consumer goods, the shift to online shopping requires businesses to have solutions that support convenient sales but must ensure cost savings. How to minimize costs to make the price of the product cheaper than the market is what businesses are concerned about.

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1. Challenges Businesses Face in E-commerce Operations

  • Overloaded orders during major sales seasons of the year
  • Missing orders or delayed deliveries
  • Lack of control over inventory leading to stock shortages and delivery delays
  • Incorrect packaging of products for various platforms


The primary solution is to use warehouse management software and rent a dedicated warehouse while building an in-house team, but this significantly increases order costs. The optimal solution is to turn to reputable e-commerce warehouse outsourcing services, which is the best solution for SMEs to save on logistics costs.

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2. Reliable and Cost-Effective E-commerce Warehouse / Fulfillment Service

To meet the demands of consumers, businesses need to equip themselves with the most intelligent warehouse management solutions, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

What sets apart Eimskip's fulfillment service?

Understanding this challenge, Eimskip provides a comprehensive warehousing and order fulfillment solution for businesses based on the criteria of 'Lead Time, KPIs, Customer Satisfaction.'

  • Utilizing advanced technology, our dedicated WHS management system operates in real-time, with a 0% risk of overloaded or missing orders.
  • Our operations team works with speed and precision, following Eimskip Northern Europe's proven processes, simplifying each operational step.
  • Standardized packaging for products aligns with the requirements of various e-commerce platforms, offering flexibility to use either custom or Eimskip-provided boxes.
  • Reduced rates of product damage and loss are ensured using Reach Trucks with Forklifts in our warehouse.
  • Eimskip assists in minimizing return rates by addressing the challenges related to timing and packaging regulations for each e-commerce platform."

3. Eimskip's E-commerce Warehouse Strengths

To meet the increasing demands of consumers, businesses need to equip themselves with the most intelligent warehouse management solutions, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Fulfillment is the process of managing and executing orders from an online store. It includes aspects such as ensuring product safety, tracking real-time inventory positions, the real-time quantity of products, the lifespan of items in storage, etc. It also extends to how products are packaged and shipped from the warehouse.

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4. Benefits of fulfillment services at Eimskip

Understanding this issue, Eimskip provides a comprehensive solution for warehousing and order fulfillment based on criteria such as "Lead Time, KPIs, and Customer Satisfaction."

Utilizing modern technology, the dedicated WHS order management system operates in real-time, minimizing the risk of overloaded or missing orders.

The operations team works quickly and precisely based on Eimskip's Northern European processes, simplifying the operational steps.

Packaging products according to the packaging standards of various e-commerce platforms, with flexibility in using either custom boxes or those provided by Eimskip.

Minimizing the rate of product damage and loss using Reach Trucks with Forklifts at the warehouse.

Eimskip will assist you in reducing return rates by addressing the challenges related to the timing and regulations of packing for each e-commerce platform.

Additional Services:

  • Product Classification
  • Labeling
  • Sorting
  • Barcode Generation
  • Distribution
  • Packaging in Various Forms
  • Customs Import Procedures

5. E-commerce warehousing process at Eimskip

1. Customer submits application

2. Data Eimskip department receives information and prints tickets

3. Picker picks up goods according to the order from Data

4. Checker checks the goods according to the slip from Picker

5. Packaging - classification: corresponding to each customer, each e-commerce platform

6. Focus on the shipping area ==> classify according to each customer's goods

7. Delivery

  • 7.1 Deliver to shipper if order is delivered directly.
  • 7.2 Deliver to truck if delivering to each store.

To learn more about e-commerce warehouse services at Eimskip, please contact our consulting team.


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