CEO Eimskip Vietnam participates in practical sharing at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

Võ Thanh Trúc - 01/12/2023

In a bid to further contribute to the development of quality human resources in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, Eimskip collaborated with the Faculty of Business Administration at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. On October 29, 2023, they held a workshop on "Exchange and sharing of working experiences Reality between businesses and students majoring in Logistics and Supply Chain Management". This event was designed to facilitate the exchange and sharing of practical experiences between businesses and students.

Overview of Eimskip Vietnam

Tran Thanh Long is CEO of Eimskip Vietnam - a leading unit in providing logistics solutions for refrigerated/frozen goods and domestic consumption. Eimskip Vietnam has been promoting association activities with universities to share practical perspectives on the Logistics industry. Eimskip Vietnam provides logistics solutions for:

  • Sea transport specializing in refrigerated and frozen goods
  • Cool storage and General warehouse solutions
  • Customs clearance, supporting documents for businesses to export
  • Domestic distribution of consumer goods

Seminar on Logistics Content

Introducing the Speakers at the Conference

At a conference organized by the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Industry, two guest speakers were present:

  • Mr. Tran Thanh Long, CEO of Eimskip Vietnam, shared the current state of logistics activities within his enterprise.
  • Mr. Nguyen Ngan Binh, a representative of IMIC Technology, discussed application software in Logistics & SCM.

The seminar offered a fresh perspective by bridging academia and reality. It provided an academic and practical forum for educators and students, enhancing their understanding of work experiences in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The event also created opportunities for businesses to better understand student needs, thus improving recruitment quality and increasing the chances of students landing a job in their field after graduation.

The significant meeting between the CEO of Eimskip Vietnam and Logistics students not only fostered learning but also advanced the industry's development during a time of change. This event, which focused on exchange and sharing experiences, is a crucial step in building a lasting partnership between education and business. It guides and opens opportunities for the younger generation towards a prosperous career in Logistics. We hope that Eimskip will soon have more opportunities to collaborate with other universities to share insights into the real-world Logistics industry.

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