Telex Release Bill: Simplifying International Trade Transactions

Võ Thanh Trúc - 13/09/2023

In the realm of international trade and shipping, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Telex Release Bill, often abbreviated as TRB, stands as a crucial document in this context. It streamlines the process of cargo release and minimizes paperwork, facilitating smoother transactions.

How does Telex Release Works?

Understanding Telex Release Bill

A Telex Release Bill is a type of Bill of Lading (BoL) that enables the release of cargo at the destination port without the need for a physical document. Traditionally, BoLs were issued in hard copy, and the consignee had to present the original document to claim the cargo. Telex Release eliminates this requirement, making the process more efficient.

How does Telex Release Works?

  1. Original BoL Issuance: The shipper initially receives the original BoL from the carrier. This document serves as proof of ownership for the cargo.

  2. Request for Telex Release: The consignee or their agent requests a Telex Release from the shipper. This can usually be done through email or a digital platform.

  3. Verification by Carrier: The shipper verifies the authenticity of the request and confirms that there are no discrepancies.

  4. Telex Release Sent: Upon confirmation, the shipper sends a Telex Release message to the destination agent or consignee. This message contains essential information about the shipment, such as container number, booking number, and consignee details.

  5. Cargo Release: The consignee or their agent presents the Telex Release message to the destination agent at the discharge port. With this, they can take possession of the cargo without needing the original BoL.

Advantages of Telex Release Bill

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Telex Release expedites the cargo release process. There's no need to wait for physical documents to arrive by mail.

  2. Cost-Effective: It reduces the costs associated with courier services and potential delays due to document transit.

  3. Reduced Paperwork: With Telex Release, there's a significant reduction in paperwork, making the entire process more environmentally friendly and streamlined.

  4. Global Accessibility: Telex Release can be requested and received from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, providing convenience and accessibility.


Telex Release Bill has revolutionized the way cargo release is handled in international trade. Its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reduction of paperwork have made it an indispensable tool for businesses engaged in global commerce. Embracing this digital advancement not only saves time and resources but also ensures smoother and more reliable transactions in the complex world of international shipping.

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